Be part of a unique golfing experience offered at the Rhone Alpes. Register yourself to become a member and gain access to exclusive items only available at Rhones Alpes’ pro-shop. More importantly, the membership that you have you will allow you to be invited and have the chance to win in tournaments hosted by Rhone Alpes. Other than the tournaments, you can also join dinner parties and out of town trips organized by Rhone Alpes management.

Membership will require you to personally sign-up the registration forms and present the necessary identification to the clerk. Right after signing yourself up, you have to pay the processing fee.

After everything has been accomplished, you will be given a card which you will present every time you enter Rhone Alpes and pay a lesser amount when using the club’s facilities. You will also receive a discount on selected items every time you buy an item at the pro-shop.

All these perks as a member have a corresponding membership fee. The Rhone Alpes management has decided to charge a $300 monthly fee for its members in exchange for the privileges they can receive.