The people behind the Rhone Alpes golf course pride themselves with high-quality service for its member and non-member customers. The staffs see to it that they will be able to serve and satisfy the needs of the customers.

For those people who are interested in using the golf course and its amenities must take note of the fees which the club will charge to its customers.

Weekends (Members) $50, >$50 for non-members
Weekdays (Members & Non-members) <$50

A maintenance fee is to be expected upon using the golf course. This is to ensure the continuous development of the place and its amenities. As for the playing time, a separate fee will be charged and will still vary depending on your acquired membership. On a weekend, a $50 fee will be charged on its exclusive members for using the 18 holes of the golf course.

Non-members will have to pay a relatively bigger amount for using the course. However, both members and non-members will pay a lesser amount during the weekdays.

Initial Amount Additional Amount on Succeeding Days
Car Rental $200 $40

Another separate fee will be charged for using the club’s other utility items. This may include car rental which in the case of Rhone Alpes, incurs the fee depending on the duration of usage. A fixed rate of $200 will be charged an additional amount of $40 for the succeeding days.