The Rhone Alpes’ clubhouse brings the old and the new from architectural design. It never fails to impress anyone who visits the clubhouse. When viewed outside, the edifice prides the European inspired architecture.

As you go inside, you will be drawn to the modern look of the clubhouse with a well lit and fully air-conditioned area. The clubhouse is almost complete with its facilities. It has a bar where you can have a drink or two while reading some newspaper.

If you want to enjoy your stay in Rhone Alpes other than playing golf, the clubhouse has a recreational area where you can play online or tabletop games.

When you grow tired playing games, you may want to visit Rhone Alpes’ very own restaurant. The restaurant which is exclusive to the members offers a European dishes that will compliment the ambiance of the clubhouse.

Become a member now and take part in an extraordinary culinary experience at Rhone Alpes’ restaurant.