The Rhone Alpes is not your ordinary golf course. It is a place meant for anyone who wishes to escape the stressful life in the city and spend a good time playing golf.

Become a member of the team who continues to improve in almost every aspect in order to give you the best-golfing experience. These dedicated people will welcome you with a big smile on their faces and the willingness to serve you with what you need.

Be captivated by the amenities design to lessen your worries during your stay at the Rhone Alpes. This course was rated by Get In The Hole as one of the best courses in North America. Its complete with the necessary facilities that will continuously provide a high-quality service to its customers. Once you become part of the club, all you have to think of is your next activity for the day.

Take the rare opportunity to become a part of the growing family of golfers and experience golfing unlike any other.



Rhone Alpes Anniversary Tournament

To celebrate the founding anniversary of Rhone Alpes course, the golf club is hosting a tournament from the 30th – 31st of May, from 2:00-3:00 pm. The Rhone Alpes Cup an annual event and is open to all members and non-members of the golf club. It is to be expected that it will be a day to remember as the golfers showcase their talent and competitiveness in the field. But more importantly, it will be an important event for everyone to know and be close to their fellow golfers. Interested golfers may join by registering themselves through the online application or personal filling-up of forms. Players will be notified two...

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